Vietnamese, male, 57 years old, director of a travel company

1. What’s the average earnings and basic living costs of food?

Average salary 7 000 000 dong/month $311
Milk, 1 liter 30 000 dong $1.3
Rice, 10 kg 70 000 – 200 000 dong $3-9
Chicken, 1 kg 200 000 dong $9
Pork, 1 kg 120 000 dong $5
Beef, 1 kg 300 000 dong $13
Eggs, 20 pieces 50 000 dong $2
Mango, 1 kg 70 000 dong $3
Watermelon, 1 kg 20 000 dong $1

2. What celebrations and festivals do you have in your country?

New Year 1 January
Full Moon festival April, 14th day of each lunar month
Independence day 2 September
Labour day 1 May

3. What’s the weather like in your country?

Weather in Hoi An

Hot weather April – July
Cold weather with rains August – December
Cold weather January – March

4. What’s the local cuisine and the dish of the day?

Pho (noodle soup) with beef in the morning. Rice with fish/meat in the afternoon and evening.

5. What expectations do you have for your grandchildren?

I wish my grandchildren to be successful and do something useful for Vietnam.

6. How did you furnish and design your place? Is your house big/small?

Conservative style, wooden tables and chairs, big screen TVs, air conditioners.

7. Is there anything unique created with people’s hands in this country?

8. What pension are you entitled to in this country?

A pension age for a male is 60 years, for a female – 55 years. Pension is 70% of a salary.

9. How much would I be expected to pay for the following: land, house, apartment?

There are no apartments in Vietnam.

Land, 200 m² 2 billion dong $89 000
House, 200 m² 3 billion dong $133 000

10. How much would I be expected to pay for an apartment + energy bills + internet + other utilities monthly?

House taxes 300 000 dong/year $13
Electricity 2 000 000 dong/month $89
Water supply 500 000 dong/month $22

This house is also a hostel, so the cost of electricity and water is higher (business prices). For a normal house the cost of electricity and water is around 500 000 dong/month ($22) for both.

11. What expectations do you hope to achieve for the future?

I want to have a lot of money for myself and my family. There are no insurances in Vietnam. I want to accumulate money for my old age. It will be possible to do many good and useful things such as charity.