Italian, male, 32 years old, not working

1. Explain yourself in a few words.

I’m interested in human being, what affects us in a good and bad way. I am an easy person. I adapt to any situations quite well.

2. What countries have you visited?

Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, England, Poland, Germany, France, Hungary, Turkey.
Africa: Tunis, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mozambique, South Africa.
Asia: India, Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia.
Other: New Zealand

3. Where do you plan to travel to next?

After Mongolia I’m going to South Korea. Then Japan, USA (from north to south). After that through all countries to Argentina or Brazil. Then I’ll go home.

4. Can you give me a list of all necessary items required for your travel?

  • Clothes
  • Money
  • Experience of real love in the past which pushes you to travel/li>

5. May I ask your advice on guidance? What do you advice me not to do while I’m traveling?

  • Smile while travel
  • Don’t judge

6. Have you got any slogans to describe yourself?

No slogans. I want to be conscious.

7. What questions would you ask a more experienced traveler?

Did the reason why you travel change and how?

8. In your experience how is traveling now in comparison to the past (let’s say 50 years ago) and do you expect things to change much in the future (let’s say in a 100 years, 1000 years)?

Nothing changed mentally. The biggest problem that you have when you travel is you. What we face daily is us. And we need to accept ourselves.

9. What brings joy to your life?

When I’m aware, conscious then I’m happy. Other moments – just pleasure.

10. How to do it so you don’t think where to get money from?

How to travel without thinking about money? Have no plan to follow. But there are consequences you have to accept.

11. Why do you travel? What’s your spiritual way? What do you believe in (the Energy of the Galaxy, Mother Earth, religion, destiny)?

I started traveling because I wanted to experience myself, to put myself out of comfort zone. I understood myself more, why I suffered. I worked on my core problems. Now I travel because it’s good to finish what you started.
I deeply believe in love. Love is the answer. I have to face this or that situation with love.

12. How do you want to die?

I want to die happy, smiling. When I’m still alive, aware.

13. Why don’t people kill each other? Do you value life? Why do you value life?


  • Existence. Whatever exists means life.
  • Consciousness. Life is conscious inside.
  • Love. Love is a dynamic factor of life.

Love is in the core of life. That’s why people don’t kill each other.
Yes, I value life. I try as much as I can. But there are a lot of things I don’t understand.

14. Why doesn’t everyone have sex with everyone?

We are not ready for it. We have many fears like “What this person thinks of me…”.

15. What travel apps and websites do you use?

  • Email (for keeping in touch with family)
  • Agoda
  • Booking
  • HostelWorld
  • Google Translator
  • VPN app