Chilean, male, 27 years old, biotechnology specialist

1. Explain yourself in a few words.

I’m very shy. I like outdoor activities and learn new things everyday.

2. What countries have you visited?

Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland, North Ireland, Ireland, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Cyprus, Thailand, Malaysia.

3. Where do you plan to travel to next?

Australia (work and holiday).

4. Can you give me a list of all necessary items required for your travel?

  • Underwear
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirts
  • Socks
  • A jacket
  • A toothbrush
  • Books on eBook
  • A notebook for writing
  • A raincoat
  • A light blanket
  • A knife
  • Wires/chargers
  • A camera

5. May I ask your advice on guidance? What do you advice me not to do while I’m traveling?

  • Never carry important things with you (passport, a lot of money). Leave everything in lockers with locks in hostels. Travel light.
  • Learn about a place before you go there.
  • Never be afraid to ask.
  • Don’t take tours. When you travel on your own, it’s twice cheaper.

6. Have you got any slogans to describe yourself?

“It’s not about a distance. it’s about experience”.

7. What questions would you ask a more experienced traveler?

Why do you travel? What’s your spiritual way? What do you believe in (the Energy of the Galaxy, Mother Earth, religion, destiny)?

8. In your experience how is traveling now in comparison to the past (let’s say 50 years ago) and do you expect things to change much in the future (let’s say in a 100 years, 1000 years)?

Past: It was more difficult to travel by bus, bad quality roads. Terrible communication (wired phones, international calls).
Now: We’re all connected by internet. Transport is much better now. Good quality roads. Cheap flights. Now you don’t even need a map – there are signs and hints everywhere.
Future: It will be much easier, cheaper. English language will be a universal language everywhere (restaurants, bus stations…) There will be more devices to help travelers.

9. What brings joy to your life?

Learning new things makes me happy.

10. How to do it so you don’t think where to get money from?

Making money, working during traveling. Do a volunteer job in exchange for accommodation and food. Stay longer in one place to save some money on transport. Then earn some money and continue traveling. You sacrifice something anyways before or after (time, money).