Main section

1. Everyone has a date of death

2. Catch your mood

3. Everything in its rightful place

4. Calm down and don’t rush

5. Always try CS first

6. Do good things (cs/booking reviews)

7. $30 reserve

8. Faster, more convenient and generally better means more expensive

9. Eat well

10. Get enough sleep

11. Do not save on soap and internet

12. Do not give up or complain

13. Even if you’re very hungry, you can’t eat a whale

14. Everything is fine, thanks to morning exercises

15. First things first

16. Stay longer at each place

17. Training is everything

18. If something does not work out, you’re just doing it wrong

19. Do not look for peace from the outside. It’s been inside and always been there

Rule of a new country

1. Lonely Planet

2. Interview with a local/traveler

3. National Anthem

4. A patch of a country’s flag

Rule of 4 days

The last day in a country: exchange $20-30 into new country’s currency for the first days in a new country +

The first 3 days in a new country: take a rest + SIM Card + withdraw the first money from the card, conclusion, preparation + planning

Rule of time

Learning a country’s culture

Communication with locals/travelers