Cambodian, male, 73 years old, retired

1. What’s the average earnings and basic living costs of food?

Average salary 600 000 Riel/month $150
Milk, 1 liter 12 000 Riel $3
Rice, 50 kg 110 000 Riel $28
Chicken, 1 kg 30 000 Riel $8
Pork, 1 kg 30 000 Riel $8
Beef, 1 kg 30 000 Riel $8
Water, 20 liters 2 000 Riel $0.5

2. What celebrations and festivals do you have in your country?

Songkran (New Year) April
Death day October

3. What’s the weather like in your country?

The weather is the same as in Thailand.

4. What’s the local cuisine and the dish of the day?

  • Chicken with sweet-sour sauce
  • Beef with sweet-sour sauce
  • Chinese food

5. What expectations do you have for your grandchildren?

I wish my grandchildren knowledge, education, good health, good job.

6. How did you furnish and design your place? Is your house big/small?

A house is made from cement. Good wooden furniture. 2-3 bedrooms. Air conditioner.

7. Is there anything unique created with people’s hands in this country?

  • Clay pots for cooking food, water storage, toys (animals)
  • Silk shirts, silk fabric (rectangular shape, worn like pajamas)

8. What pension are you entitled to in this country?

Teachers, policemen, militaries have pension $200/month (it was $45).

Farmers, entrepreneurs have no pension. They sell fruits when they are old. They also get help from their children, becasue children pay them back.

9. How much would I be expected to pay for the following: land, house, apartment?

Town house in Battambang, 3 bedrooms, 80 m² 240-280 million Riel $60 000 – 70 000
Town house in Phnom Penh, 3 bedrooms, 80 m² 300 million Riel $75 000

10. How much would I be expected to pay for an apartment + energy bills + internet + other utilities monthly?

Town house in Battambang

Rental price 600 000 Riel/month $150
Electricity and water supply 240 000 Riel/month $60

If the house is yours and the land is also yours, then there’re no taxes to pay. Only electricity and water supply (if the house is low,; if the house is high, then there are some special taxes).

If the house is yours and you have your own water tower and gasoline power station, then you do not need to pay anything to anyone.

11. What expectations do you hope to achieve for the future?

I’m praying for good health. I want to travel inside my country. I’m happy with what I have.