“Anything can happen. So don’t be so sure.
You find things, you lose things, you stay cool all the time.
You receive good and bad things. You do good ones.
Be honest with yourself and others. Then you get what you want.
Be careful with what you want. You might get it.
I have only one life and it must be good.
People need a road, I need a direction
Traveling helps you to understand what you really want.
Slow down and enjoy.
For a man to come to something new, there must be something old not satisfying him.
Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted.
If you did the preparation work, then you can relax when you play.
If you have bad intentions, PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB.
Don’t be a JK.
OK with not hanging out.
Everything is well while it’s well. Then it’ll inevitably ends.
Eat, sleep, eat, sleep… No discotheque…
Genius doesn’t specialize. Genius is the reason in itself.
You can’t tell the book by its cover.”
© John Traveler